Marriage Strings


The Most Innovative Marriage Transformational Program

The Marriage Strings Program


The Motivat Marriage Strings program is developed from the metaphor of tuning a guitar instrument just before a major concert. All strings that are out of tune are sorted out and existing kinks ironed out ready to unleash great music. Marriage is the greatest force that can be experienced in life. It is a gift to humankind from the creator. At the beginning of a marriage, each spouse has the right strings tuned towards love and happiness. It is not long before these strings fade, get worn out, exposing flaws in the marriage.

You can re-sharpen and polish your marriage strings to restore and access happiness in your relationship. The Motivat Marriage Strings program is created to work on the inner and outer-man. The inner man is the unchanging self that gives the identity and emotional connection while the outer man is the physical body with all its senses and characteristics. The program helps spouses relate at their core or inner being and not just with their physical dispositions. When spouses connect at their core, marriages flourish and are anchored on solid ground.


Sustaining a happy and fulfilled marriage is the greatest and rewarding activity in life. A thriving marriage is the bedrock of society and the perfect incubator of life. When spouses connect at their core, their love conquers all. But if they connect only physically, not even all the wealth in the world will be enough.

The Six Strings

  • The Loving String
  • The Gifting String
  • The Sharing String
  • The Sex String
  • The Guarding String
  • The Talking String

Just like a music rehearsal, Motivat Marriage Strings program requires commitment and discipline. The tuned and polished strings will transform your marriage and bring fulfilment to your life.



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