Marriage Strings Framework


The most innovative marriage transformational program

The Marriage Strings Framework


Marriage Strings is the leading marriage enrichment program in the world. Many couples are using this program to bring restoration and fulfilment in their marriages. Marriage Strings is a combination of tried and tested methods through which marriages can benefit. This guide therefore helps couples understand the principles of marriage strings and how they provide the foundation for a good marriage.

This program also introduces a framework that can be used within any context of marriage between heterosexual couples. The Marriage Strings program has been developed through consultation with marriage coaches, pastors, counsellors and a multitude of married couples to reflect their experience. It therefore brings a practical guide to marriages in their different phases using an internal database of emotion intelligence and behaviour data.


Marriage is a universal concept and also the oldest single unit institution known to humans. Marriage Strings expresses this view point by introducing a universal understanding of why marriages exist, what they are trying to achieve and how benefits are realised and shared. Marriage Strings apart from suggesting techniques, also looks at the responsibilities of the husband and wife in the lifecycle of a marriage.


The Marriage Strings framework is based on four areas of focus: Principles, Strings, Stages and the marriage environment. The principles are the guiding obligations which must be applied for a marriage to be successful. The strings describe behaviours that must be addressed continually within the marriage. The stages describe the various progressions a normal marriage goes through its lifecycle from courting, engagement, parenting etc. Each stage has elements and activities recommended for couples. The marriage environment plays a big role in shaping a marriage. This framework allows couples to adapt based on their specific cultural, economic and religious environment.


We hope the best for all marriages in whatever environment they might be and believe that there is something of great value for couples in this program.



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