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Dr. Jones Lukose & Beatrice (Flower) Lukose PhD Cand.


Dr. Jones Lukose (Electrical Engineering, Organizational Development, Computer Science, MBA and DBA) is a co-founder of Motivat Marriage Strings. Dr. Jones draws on a wealth of talent and experience in communicating to a wide variety of audiences around the world for over 15 years as a church elder and conference speaker. Through his musical talent, intelligence, jokes, sense of humor and deep booming voice, Dr. Jones Lukose as a renowned motivational speaker is able to command a presence on the stage which captivates the audience to a positive energy of change.


Beatrice Lukose Phd Cand. (Economics, MBA and DBA – Emotional Intelligence) is a co-founder of Motivat Marriage Strings. Beatrice draws on a wealth of talent and skill from her through research and study on Emotional Intelligence. She passionately teaches on the effect of Emotional Intelligence in all areas of life especially in relationships e.g. relationship with spouse, children, colleagues, relatives etc. Beatrice is an elder’s wife and God has gifted her with international opportunities as a conference speaker. Beatrice’s passion in building strong marriages is evidenced through her deep research on the Emotional Intelligence and its effect on sustainable relationships as applied in the Motivat Marriage Strings coaching program. Beatrice is authentic, practical, funny, and humble. She brings insights from the highs and lows of marriage, parenting, and life in general in a way that is engaging for families. Her hearts desire is to see Christ magnified through her life and the lives of those around her.


Dr. Jones and his wife Beatrice have been married over 20 years. They have two wonderful children at the ages of 16 and 20 years.



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