Marriage Strings

Marriage Strings


Strengthen Your Relationship to Last a Lifetime





Come Find Help To Strengthen Your Marriage


50 percent of marriages today end in divorce? And from those that re-marry, 80 percent end up divorcing. Divorce ends one's marriage, causes pain, psychological and emotional stress, hurts children, changes personal relationships, increases health issues, causes void and loneliness. Divorced couples experience shock, betrayal, loss of control, victimization, decreased self-esteem, insecurity, anger, guilt, a desire to "get even".


Divorce is devastating and very expensive too. Recent studies show that the average cost of divorce including loss of assets, salary, legal fees, obtaining a new home, getting a new spouse etc. is about 250,000 US Dollars.


The highly rated Motivat Marriage Strings is a coaching program that helps to strengthen and restore marriages in the most transformational, economical and innovative way. For 15 years we have been inspiring couples by helping enrich marriages through emotional intelligence, technology and music metaphors. Just like playing the right music strings is important to the success of the whole piece of music, we believe that Motivat Marriage Strings will play a crucial role in the way we experience marriage relationships.

Discover how to:

  • Avoid separation and stop divorce
  • Rebuild trust
  • Get over the past
  • Forgive and be forgiven
  • Reconnect with your spouse
  • Get love going again!



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